Welcome to Galaxy 666

“This is a playful galaxy,” he sobbed, “and we are the toys with which it plays.”

(Galaxy 666, by Pel Torro)

Welcome, my friends, to Galaxy 666, a galaxy of a book brimming with literary treasure of the most unexpected sort. Golden nuggets dug from the fertile minds of Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe (alias Pel Torro) . And there will be more–much more!

Arguably, the worst novel ever published, I would like to propose a podcast, an expedition, a treasure hunt, into the unexpected, the inexplicable, and, occasionally, the irredeemable.  In short, I propose a journey into Galaxy 666, Pel Torro’s 1963 seminal pulp-science fiction classic about four brave men who try to come to grips with being in Pel Torro’s 1963 seminal pulp-science fiction classic, Galaxy 666.

In the first session, I talk about the book and the podcast project. Listen to it by going to the sessions page where you can access it either as an MP3 file or on youtube.  Session 1 is also available on iTunes.  If, after understanding the risks you take, you still fear nothing, especially public embarrassment should anyone find out about this guilty pleasure, then subscribe and on Halloween 2014 we will begin a journey together into one of the most far-out, staggeringly bizarre and fantastic books you will ever come across.

Between now and then I will be busy preparing 70 podcast sessions for you to enjoy which will cover the entire book.  For each hundred more people who sign up to receive the podcast, follow the blog or subscribe to the youtube channel, between now and the kick off of the podcast, I will present bonus sessions with more of Lionel’s work from his Badger days.  So tell a friend and spread the word. Let’s see if we can’t get 1000 people to join our merry band of adventurers before Halloween 2014 (which is, of course, Nevada’s sesquicentennial for all my Nevada brethren out there).

Can’t wait ’til the sesquicentennial? Already overwhelmed with intrigue? I can’t say that I blame you. If you want a copy of Galaxy 666 for yourself, skip on over to Orion’s sfgateway.com (link is on the right) and e-pick one up.

Want to publicly brand yourself as a lover of the work of Lionel Fanthorpe and Badger Publications? Really, you do? Well, then check out the wide selection of Badger Book Covers available to be emblazoned upon your t-shirt, mug (not your face, the other kind) or notebook (link is on the right).

Wondering about the cool lead-in and close-out riffs?  They are short, cut pieces from jazz artist Little Axe’s rendition of “Down in the Valley” which is on his album “Hard Grind.” (link to Little Axe’s website is on the right.)

Want to find out more about Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe? Then visit their homepage on the web (link is . . . okay, you get the idea).

I will keep you updated on my preparations for our adventure, and I hope to see you then. Spread the word that the worst is coming this Halloween, which will certainly make it the best Halloween ever.

Your faithful guide, TEWG


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