Session 67

Audio Link

Welcome back fellow travelers to Galaxy 666.

A time of sums and reckoning is upon us.  At the end of our journey we must tally our results to see if our goals have been achieved, and I regret to inform you, my most devoted fans, we fallen far short of aims.

The Italian Galaxy 666 political party, did not take off; the grammy for best Galaxy 666 Podcast was not awarded to us; our attempts to negotiate the purchase of a small Pacific Island for some change and a pair of nail clippers I found in the car have come to naught; and our herculean efforts to cut a mountain into the shape of a large spaceship flying through an elaborate, yet tasteful depiction of the Galaxy 666 logo only resulted in my getting lost and contracting a case of poison ivy.

And yet, can we be truly sad?  Of course, we can.  Had a we set our goals lower, might we have achieved them?  Probably not.  But we can say, “you don’t win if you don’t try.”  We might as well say that, as there is sod-all anything else left to do.  Except of course slip back into our addictive habit of visiting that most peculiar of novels.  Galaxy 666.


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